The spokesman said Swiggy had one of the largest food distribution networks in the country, with about 55,000 delivery partners in 15 cities. Zomato did not respond to a request for advice. Zomato is batting with Swiggy from Bengaluru to lead the food delivery market in India. Ola-backed Foodpanda, Uber Eats, etc., are other leading players in the market. The user must ensure that information such as contact number, delivery address, etc., is correct and correct when ordering. With this information, the user declares himself in accordance with the terms and conditions and the FDP`s privacy policy. Zomato is currently involved in several developments, including stopping and exiting senior management, exploring food delivery via drones, an excursion into event activities, etc. The company financed $653.8M in 11 rounds. The most recent financing was $210 million by Ant Financial, a subsidiary of China`s Alibaba Group. A delivery fee may be charged to the user for delivery of the order by the delivery partner or restaurant partner, as the delivery or restaurant partner may determine („delivery fee“). The user must consent to the FDP being allowed to collect, if necessary, on behalf of his delivery partner or restaurant partner.

Delivery costs can vary from order to order, which can be determined based on several factors such as market value, demand during peak periods, etc. The FDP must state that it will make reasonable efforts to inform the user of the delivery charges that may apply to the user, provided that the user is responsible for the delivery costs incurred for the user`s order, that the user is aware of these delivery costs. When Zomato and Swiggy included other restaurants in their online order catalogues and received more orders, the number of delivery drivers continued to grow. Food shipments have started in the last two years thanks to considerable investment. In February, Zomato raised $40 million from Glade Brooke Private. In 2018, it raised more than $400 million, funding commissions and high incentives for delivery drivers to join the platform. The FDP is not responsible for the actions or omissions of the restaurant`s partners, including performance defects, poor delivery or incorrect ordering, food quality, time taken to prepare or deliver the order, etc. Meanwhile, Zomato is moving amid declining incomes for delivery drivers to another payment model, in which a full-time job can earn up to 20,000 months if it subscribes to a minimum number of hours and orders per day. , says a company insider. „The payment will be formula-based and standardized, but the minimum wage will vary from city to city, depending on the number of orders, the size of the city, the number of delivery drivers and other parameters,“ the person said. Amid accusations, Zomato announced that it would soon introduce manipulation-proof tapes and shed light on its supply fleet of more than 1.5 Lakh partners, in order to highlight or degenerate such discrepancies with the company.

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