The WTO is one of the most effective trade agreements between nations. In 1995, the WTO replaced the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) and has 125 Member States. 153 members are currently members of the WTO. Many believe that GATT began rapid trade liberalization in 1947 and that its action contributed to the expansion of trade around the world by removing tariffs and quotas. In addition, the WTO pursued the GATT principle with a more multilateral forum for governments to conclude or challenge trade agreements. integration is a political and economic agreement between countries that favours Member States. [1] General integration can be achieved in three different ways: the World Trade Organization (WTO), bilateral integration and regional integration. [1] In the context of bilateral integration, only two countries cooperate economically, while regional integration brings together several countries at the same geographical distance from organizations such as the European Union (EU) and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Indeed, mobility factors such as capital, technology and labour, as well as the strategies of transnational integration mentioned above, are highlighted. The rapid growth of trade between nations has led to the agreement being recognised as a fundamental basis for Member States to respect certain rules and rules as signatories to the agreement.

As a result, the WTO has expanded its mission to trade in services, investment, intellectual property, health measures, plant health, agriculture and textiles, as well as technical barriers to trade. [2] Trump also criticized Germany`s request that the United States protect it from Russia while importing billions of natural gas from that supplier. He accused NATO of being obsolete. He argued that the organization was focused on defending Europe against Russia instead of fighting terrorism. Member states fear that Trump`s criticism of NATO and praise from Russian President Vladimir Putin mean they will no longer be able to count on the United States as allies in the event of an attack. additional ancillary agreements have been adopted to allay concerns about the potential impact of the treaty on the labour market and the environment. Critics feared that generally low wages in Mexico would increase the United States.

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