Since 2018, it is also possible to negotiate a „mobility“ lease that we take into account under the duration of the rental. Although the law recognizes a lease that is concluded orally, in the event of a dispute, only the bare minimum of clauses is accepted by a court. As a result, most leases are concluded in writing, with the rights and obligations of each party clearly stated. While there is some freedom for landlords and tenants to vary and add clauses, some clauses are expressly prohibited in a rental agreement. Nevertheless, as long as it is their principal residence, residents retain the same rights as those of a household that lives in the property permanently and with a written lease. The lease or lease (surety) sets the rental conditions and rental prices and is signed between the lessor or real estate agent (on behalf of the lessor) and the tenant. Empty standard lease forms are available from stations. A rental agreement is commonly called a surety (pronounced „Bye“). It can also be called more formally under the name of rental agreement. Write and sign an inventory and condition report (inventory) with the lessor to attach the lease. Establish a list of fittings, furniture and their condition and the condition of the property. At the end of the lease and upon return of the keys, the owner / agent has a maximum period of two months to repay the deposit and deduct the money necessary to repair the property.

It is illegal to withhold the rent of the last few months instead of the deposit. Owner of real estate that has been before the 1st.

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