At the tenant`s request, the lessor undertakes to export and deliver any subtenant of the denied premises or part of it (provided that this sub-sea has a net assets of at least twenty-five million dollars ($25,000,000) and operates at least fifteen (15) transactions under a single trade name), an agreement confirming that, in the case of a given product, , this rent will be terminated. if this subtenant respects and fulfills all the obligations of this subtenant that must be fulfilled in the context of such subletting, so and in this case and in this case, this sublease and the rights of the subtenant will not be disturbed by the lessor, but will continue fully and effectively, provided that this subtenant continues to comply with and fulfill all its obligations arising from this sub-lease. The tenant provides the landlord with a copy of each subletting for rent, for which the landlord seeks recognition. The subtenant of this sublease must rent the landlord, including payment to the minimum or basic rent landlord, the percentage of rent (if any) and the additional rent corresponding to that provided in such a subletting. This sublease becomes a direct tenancy agreement between the lessor and the subtenant, and these parties will execute and provide all other relevant documents on that date in order to fully realize the above. Notwithstanding the above, the lessor is not liable for such diversions: (i) for a previous act or an omission of the tenant in the context of such subletting (unless a persistent delay is cured by the lessor); (ii) subject to compensation for the rent suffered by such a tenant against the tenant; (iii) is related to an earlier down payment of rent paid by such a tenant to the tenant for more than the duration of the current month; or (iv) for such a sub-requirement for a deposit paid by such a tenant to the tenant, unless the tenant pays that deposit to the lessor. The provisions of this section apply only to these subleases: (a) which require the subtenant to pay the basic rent or minimum rent of at least a minimum amount commensurate with the minimum rent to be paid under that rent (the proportional share being based on the number of square metres of the subleased premises in relation to the total area of the premises that are covered); (b) which require this subtenant to pay taxes, pensions and other taxes relating to premises covered by the sublease; (c) where subleased premises contain a base area of at least 10,000 minutes; (d) when sublet premises have regular dimensions (e.g. B in general rectangular); (e) if the subleased premises are located either on the far left or on the far right of the denied premises (from the car park) and in front of the car park; (f) if the landlord is not bound by the payment of the tenant`s rent to the tenant; (g) if the lessor is not bound by the subtenant`s obligations arising from the sublease whose obligations go beyond the obligations or, in addition, the obligations of the lessor arising from that lease; (h) if, if necessary, the duration of the sublease may be reduced to a term that is not greater than the residual term of the lease; (i) where the lessor benefits from the more favourable provisions of the discharge and non-recursive provisions granted to the subtenant in the context of the sublease or the lessor under the tenancy agreement; (j) when the subtenants of their subleased premises correspond to the permitted uses for this tenancy.

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