If your school has a change of name and/or address, you should notify the SED – by filling out a BEDS address form – as well as the DOE immediately in writing of this change. You must also notify the DOE immediately when your school is closed, so that you can receive courses on the transmission or disposal of any equipment and/or equipment acquired on loan. The funding, which can only be used for the purchase of certain loan equipment and equipment, is allocated to schools on the basis of the number of eligible students enrolled. These programs are managed by the NYSTL unit within the Office of Non Public Schools (ONPS). Among its main tasks are: charter students who are eligible for the devices: NYSTL: Allocation Level is based on the total number of eligible students (K-12) who are legally staying in New York before November 1 of the current school year. All requests are shared with the student`s school to determine if the school can meet the demand. Requests that cannot be met by schools are forwarded to the DOE to help. Families should first work with their schools to secure a device tailored to their needs and schools are encouraged to identify the needs of the DOE team for central devices. Regional enrichment centres will also be available for first aid children, medical staff, transit workers and the city`s most vulnerable student populations – more details will follow. Parents can obtain specific resources for preschoolers up to Grade 12, including students with disabilities, via the DOE WEB website. Be looking for more information in the coming days of the DOE. All schools that wish to participate in one of New York State`s credit programs are responsible for monitoring this website on time-critical updates and information; there will be no paper. Participation in one of the four loan programs requires that non-public schools, including daycare centres, which run a nursery program, submit an application for a loan and a registration certificate (LREC) to the DOE each year.

Non-public principals use the CSR to report registration data for the current school year that meets the needs of their school. Funding for loan programs depends on the actual number of K-12 students who legally reside in New York City and/or attend your school. Use the Remote Learning Device Request form to inform your school that you need a device. The DOE Office of Non Public Schools manages these programs for students residing in New York City and/or attending a non-public school in New York City. While students living in New York City can participate in one of four loan programs, K-12 students who legally reside in New York City and attend a non-public school outside new York City can only participate in the NYSTL program through the DOE.

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