„6-A. Payment of Himachal Pradesh stamp duty on copies, forgery or duplicate if this tax has not been paid on the principal or original instrument.–1. Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 4 or 6 or any other Act, unless it is demonstrated that the tax to be levied under the Indian Stamp (Himachal Pradesh Amendment) is applicable, 1952 has been paid:- Step 3: The applicant must choose the following details for the calculation of the applicable stamp duty and registration: Stamp duty is one of the legal taxes to be paid for each transaction with real estate. The rates of stamp duty and registration fees for transactions in Himachal Pradesh are shown here: Step 8: The tax is calculated automatically after all the details have been given. Note the amount of the fee; it must be paid at the time of registration. `Subject to the exemptions provided for in clauses (a), (b) or (c) of this Section or of Annex I and subject to the exemptions provided for in Scheme I-A, the following instruments, together with the fee corresponding to the amount set out in Annex I-A, shall be considered as the corresponding tax, that is to say, the country. Due to these high rates, new landowners avoid registering the property as soon as a transfer has taken place. In addition, it leads to a loss of revenue for the Land government, makes it really difficult to identify the real owner of a property and increases litigation. A reduction in stamp duty rates and registration fees will reduce the cost of selling and buying real estate and increase the number of domestic registrations.

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