Written contracts are often required to clarify the intent of the college and other parties with whom the college has relationships. Well-executed written contracts clarify and define the agreement between the parties and protect against unnecessary risks to the college`s resources and reputation. This directive contains guidelines for the development and use of written contracts, describes the situations for which they are necessary and identifies exceptions to these requirements. If a contract or agreement contains provisions that pose a significant risk to the college or new non-standardized clauses that the representative of the college department is unfamiliar and/or familiar with, the Vice President of Finance and Administration or risk manager should be contacted. The Vice-President of Financial Administration or Risk Manager will decide whether to consult a lawyer to ensure that the contract/agreement protects the college and complies with all applicable laws. Control of legal advisors should only be requested by the Vice-President of Finance and Administration, the Risk Manager, another Vice-President or the President or their representative. PLEASE NOTE: IRS rules require certification of any contract service provider for tax reporting purposes. It is the project manager`s responsibility to send a W-9 form to the university`s credit department. To ensure that the information contained on the contractor`s W-9m remains confidential, we ask the contractor to fax the completed W-9 to the following secure fax: 203-392-9990. The W-9 is only required once, unless the contractor`s tax information changes (i.e.

the name change, the supplier`s status, etc.). The W-9 is stored in the credit payment service. Please note that payment to the contractor for the services provided is only made if there is a W-9. To find out if the university already has a W-9 file, please contact the credit accounts department at X 26844. In the process of conducting research, researchers at the University of Oklahoma are invited to perform „research-related services“ for an external company. The provision of these services is part of the university`s research and service missions where: 1) the university is uniquely qualified to offer such specific services; 2) provide these additional research and experience services to the university`s faculty, staff and students; 3) Access to these special services or devices is not easily possible by local commercial means. These services may be the use of the specialized expertise of the faculty or specialized instrumentation that can be offered to the company. It is often a matter of testing certain materials for the external company (sponsor). The Personal Service Contract (PSA) is used to commit funds for all non-employment contracts for personal services that are required and are not issued to order. Personal services include support and services provided by individuals, partnerships or businesses of a professional or technical nature.

PPE should not be used in place of hiring regular, full-time, part-time or part-time workers. PPE is not permitted for work recognized as part of one of the tariff units on the Board of Regents ConnSCU-System. If an expert believes that the language of the contract is not in the best interests of the college, he or she will pass on all concerns to the awarding entities. Unresolved differences of opinion should be placed at the nearest level of direction. The party (division), with the agreement of its executive vice-president or the president of the college, has the last responsibility and the power to conclude the agreement, regardless of the differences between the auditors, subject to this directive and specific procedures.

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