The law firm Regina, Saskatchewan Lawyer, Tony Merchant, Q.C. — Merchant Law Group LLP — represented more than 7,000 survivors — about 50 per cent of known residential school survivors in Canada who were pursuing class actions against the Canadian federal government. [12] Following the publication of the 1996 Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples report, survivors of residential schools gathered across the country for meetings attended by Tony Merchant, who became a „familiar figure“ and welcomed thousands of survivors for collective action. [13] MLG`s lawyers received „nothing until a class action was concluded“ in a judicial agreement that was motivated by the liquidation. [13] David Blott`s law firm in Calgary, Alberta, „processed nearly 4,600 residential school applications.“ [14] 6.6 The Truth and Reconciliation Commission. The Commission is responsible for conducting a process of truth and reconciliation. Under the agreement, the Commission`s mandate includes collecting testimony from former students, organizing national events, funding community events and establishing „as comprehensive historical records as possible of the IRS system and inheritance.“ The Commission is also in favour of preserving the records collected and established during its mandate and the creation of a national research centre to preserve its documents, including documents in the history. The Commission may be required to cover the costs of reproducing the documents. The public information and advocacy program was launched in 2007-08 to ensure that every effort has been made to reach former Indian students at the residential school to inform them of the benefits available to them under the comparison agreement. Special efforts have been made to place former students in remote and isolated communities, those in mental health centres and those who are homeless or imprisoned.

In addition, APIP projects have fostered healing and reconciliation by helping Canadians understand the settlement agreement and the impact that the legacy of Indian residential schools has had on Aboriginal communities.

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