[insert name of supplier] an undertaking registered in [England and Wales] under the number [insert registered number] whose registered office is located in [insert address] (supplier); and a finding judgment is a judgment identifying the rights, obligations or duties of one or more parties to the dispute. It is legally binding, but does not order any action by a party. A court can issue it alone or in connection with another remedy, such as an injunction, and can go to a person who is an agent? There is no exhaustive list of relationships that establish the existence of fiduciary duties under the Common Law. Some relationships are automatically fiduciary, for example. B between the agent and the beneficiary, the lawyer and the client, the client and the agent, the business partners and. The provider has agreed to ensure that the customer will be able [through its end users] to use these facilities and services by interacting with them remotely via the Internet or through its own means of communication. Part 8 of the Corporate Tax Act 2009 (CTA 2009) is a specific corporate tax regime that applies exclusively to profits and losses of intangible assets. Note, however, that some intangible assets are excluded from the scheme, see the practical note: Intangible asset excluded The supplier has developed software [insert SaaS solution] that it wishes to make available to the customer as a service for the benefit of the customer and the customer`s end user. The Supplier is qualified and experienced in the design, development and maintenance of the Software [insert Description of SaaS Solution] and has the necessary expertise and qualifications to fulfil its obligations under this Agreement.

Based on the Vendor`s skills and experience, Customer has selected Vendor to provide its [insert SaaS solution description] to support Customer`s business in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. (each supplier and the customer are a party company and together are the supplier and the customer the parties). . . .

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