An APRN seeking prescription authority for controlled substances requires a cooperation agreement with a physician. APRNs are only eligible if they have been licensed or otherwise qualified for at least one year as advanced practitioners. Documentation documents on collaborative practice are available on the Board of Directors` website ( The Bureau requests the communication of the Cooperation Agreement ( An advanced nurse practitioner must have post-basic nursing training; The APRN program must include clinical experience. Current students require a master`s degree, post-master`s certificate, or PhD (See: Nurse Practitioner in Kentucky). A nurse already licensed rn in Kentucky (or another compact state) follows the instructions for use of the APRN ( A person licensed in another jurisdiction or who omits their care license follows the APRN & RN ( usage instructions. The licensing authority will allow certain support documents to be sent by fax. Renewal applications can be submitted online ( APRNs that have an RN license in other compact states can use the „ONLY APRN“ renewal link. Federal background checks are based on fingerprints.

Applicants may apply to the Committee for fingerprint cards ( The Board of Directors also provided instructions for entering information on the fingerprint card. The completed fingerprint card is sent to the Kentucky State Police, along with a $14.75 fee. In any case, the board of directors will request documentation of the post-basic training. In cases where the advanced practical training has been completed as part of a post-master certification programme, the Board of Directors will also request transcripts of the qualifying Master`s degree ( Nurse midwives and nurse anaesthetists who completed their advanced practical training before 2005 may, if they so wish, file a diploma or certificate instead of official transcripts. Nurse clinicians who completed their training before 2005 must submit transcripts proving the degree obtained. The application can be submitted online. There are separate online forms for APRN ( and APRN &RN ( APRN licenses typically have the same expiration date as Kentucky RN licenses. The licensee must complete at least five hours of training in pharmacology; Those who prescribe controlled substances have stricter requirements.

An advanced practitioner should seek an accredited national certification and maintain it at all times. The choice of certification body depends on the role and focus on the population. Kentucky Association of Nurse Anesthetists APRN licenses are available from the Kentucky Board of Nursing ( The council can be reached by phone at 502-429-3300. The Board of Directors has provided additional contact information for any questions regarding the practice of APRN ( Among the state`s professional organizations are: current Kentucky APRNs can maintain certification by Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation; This option is not available for new APRNs ( . .


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