The University of Concepci√≥n is divided into three sites located in Chill√°n, Los √Āngeles and Concepci√≥n. The latter is the largest and most important campus. The university is located in the university district. The entire campus includes the „Ciudad Universitaria“ (University City), which also includes museums, sculptures and parks. Today, the campus has an area of 1,425,000 m2, of which 239,856 are built. It is the center of knowledge, science, culture, technology and research of the city of Concepci√≥n. The mural Presencia de Am√©rica Latina by Jorge Gonz√°lez Camarena is located in the Casa del Arte, on the university campus. It opened in 1919 after the request for a university outside the capital. In the following decades, the institution expanded its presence throughout the country and opened sites in the cities of Chillan and los √Āngeles, in southern Chile, in 1955 and 1962 respectively. Located 115 km north of Concepci√≥n, in the agricultural heart of the country, the Chillan campus places particular emphasis on agriculture, given the city`s status as an agricultural center.

Chillan, a bustling city, is also known for its murals and markets. Los √Āngeles, roughly to the southeast and a gateway to Laguna del Laja National Park, is a quieter town with about 1,000 UC students. The institution is well respected among other universities in Chile. In 2010, the campus of the University of Concepci√≥n was named one of the most important architectural works of Chile dating from the first half of the 20th century. The „Obra Bicentenario“ prize rewards works that, over the past 100 years, have changed the face of Chilean cities and have greatestly improved the quality of life of their inhabitants. The campus los √Āngeles was founded in 1962 at the request of the population of the province to the rector of the university, David Stitchkin Branover. It currently has 1,300 students and 35 full-time teachers, as well as other part-time university employees. The Chill√°n campus was established in 1955 with the support of many institutions such as the United Nations, the OAS, American and European universities and others.

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