2) If you do not wish to renew the refund of the advance received and terminate the contract In agreement, there must be a serious loss of money clause if the buyer is late. You can act accordingly. 3) If he is late, you can send him a legal termination and sell the property to someone else if he does not comply. One. Any agreement entered into by the payment of sufficient stamp duty for legal purposes would be as valid as your agreement. Both parties may extend the agreement by mutual agreement. 2. Failure to register such documents may lead to the inadmissibility of such documents as evidence in an office or court to assert an action or claim. We ask the implementers of these instruments to refer to Communications No. 56 of 24 September for further details. That the first party agreed for its legal needs and requirements to sell this apartment for a sum of Rs. ————- to the second part. Both parties, i.e.

the first and the second, agreed to the sale/purchase of the apartment in question under the following conditions of this agreement. 2. At the time of signature of this Agreement, the First Party received an amount of the ————- as serious money from the Second Party. 8. The first party undertakes to register the property in question in the name of the second party or its claim with the aforementioned period, after paying the full amount agreed and, for any reason, if the second party does not arrange the payment of the balance, the transaction is deemed cancelled and the serious money is cancelled and the second party is free to sell the apartment in question to anyone at any time. . . .

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