If you sign up for the ReviveR® View service contract, you will receive much more than one AED. You will receive the new ReviveR® View, Wandschrank, AED-Formations, Pads/Batteries and software upgrades at a low and fixed monthly cost of only 109 $US per month with a 36-month service contract. If you have any questions about our service and maintenance contracts, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail: or phone: 01223 790124. We will be happy to help you! Although modern AEDs and manual defibrillators (the type of devices usually used by healthcare professionals) require very little maintenance, we recommend that professionals be left with preventive AED and manual defibrillator service and preventive maintenance. Most AED government laws require devices to be serviced according to the manufacturer`s individual specifications, and professional maintenance providers have the experience and resources to ensure that your equipment meets the original manufacturer`s specifications. How does preventive maintenance differ from AED compliance management? In Spain, the mixed training studies of Castillos (2018 and 2020) [10,13] can be highlighted, although these two studies are related to basic life support (BLS) and automatic training in external defibrillation (AED). We are only able to maintain fully operational AEDs less than 10 years old, please contact us before purchasing it to discuss the service capacity of your defibrillator. Now, make sure your AED is ready if you need it. Preventive maintenance plans are a great way to ensure that your appliances are in perfect shock. Our AED service contract offers the same services as the AED security plan, with the addition of an annual visit to your site by our service technician. Our engineer will perform a complete service of your AED and issue you a certificate of approval that will confirm that your AED proberly will be maintained, he will also provide a sticker on the AED with this information.

Maintenance by our qualified engineer is carried out according to the standards of the European Defibrillator Certification Institute….

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